Fully Compliant Craigslist Posting Tools

KICK-ADS Basic Tools

Use our KICK-ADS Basic Tools Package to create & manage Fully Compliant Craigslist Ads! This "state of the art" Software tools Package is specifically designed to maximize your results, minimize your time and effort AND Exploit the Benefits of being in Full Compliance of the Craigslist ban on img ads. In addition, KICK-ADS Basic Tools Package includes our "One Click to Post" Craigslist ad posting tool.

  • Minimize Ghosting Issues
  • Minimize Flagging Problems
  • More Craigslist Customers See Your Ads giving your more opportunities to
  • Get more Craigslist Leads to help you
  • Turn your inventory Faster!
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  • "One Click to Post" Craigslist Posting tool that
  • Uploads the maximum number of photos allowed directly to Craigslist - Save Time, Hard Drive Space & frees you to Generate new Craigslist ads from any location, not just the computer where your inventory pictures are stored.
  • Create Fully Compliant Professionally Designed Craigslist Ads - (NOT .img or picture Ad templates) to Minimize the potential for ad loss due to Craigslist ghosting & flagging. Your Ads will Look Better than your Competitors ads and there will be more of them to see!
  • Uploads Craigslist Map Data Information - Directs shoppers who see your vehicles on Craigslist to your Dealership.
  • Includes Dealer Logo / Website Banner / Photo Overlay on 1st Picture of Craigslist Ad  - Your Craigslist Ads Will Stand Out from your competitors
  • Link(s) in ads to direct viewers to dealers website / vehicle specific landing page
  • Optional Video Production / Video on Landing pages - Maximum stickiness & Engage & Edu-tain potential buyers (Additional Charge).
  • Inventory Data Integration  - Your Inventory Data at your fingertips, from your DMS, Website Company, Dealers Services Company, Data Distribution Company, NO need to re-key anything!
  • Call Tracking & SMS Texting - Never miss a Potential Sales Opportunity because call data is both emailed and instantly text to you! You will know they are an opportunity that needs immediate response
  • Call Recording - Great for Playback & Training Purposes!
  • Lead Management System integration into Dealers CRM & Smartphone - Great if you have a CRM. Lead Data also send directly to Outlook & your Smartphone!
  • Phone Call Data Integration into Dealers CRM & Smartphone - Time, Date, Vehicle they called on & much more! Track everything, Loose Nothing!!
  • Automated Monthly Reporting - Great for tracking your ROI!
  • Print Buyers Guides - Save time if you are still doing this by hand!
  • Print Custom Window Stickers - A necessary tool to dress up your lot!
  • Manage Payments to Craigslist and Ad Budget for Paid Ads

Our Kick-Ads Basic Tools Package including our "One Click to Post" Fully Compliant Craigslist Posting Tool is for Car Dealers, Recreational Dealers, Motorcycle Dealers, Marine / Boat Dealers & Powersports Dealers. The Inventory Management System will support the following types of Inventory; Cars, Trucks,  Buses,  Commercial Trucks, Motorcycles, ATV's, Recreational Vehicles, Boats, Watercraft and more! The Right Ad - in the Right Category for the type of Vehicles you Stock!
"If you have mixed inventory and want to sell more of it on Craigslist - you will appreciate this System."

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