Craigslist Posting Tool for Car Dealers is the most popular and well known free web classified websites in the US and one of most trafficked websites in the world  (Recently Ranked 11th in US; 49th in the world by website traffic, by IProSell harnesses the power of Craigslist to drive traffic back to your own website, which will your search engine rankings and more visitors means more opportunity for more sales. We offer two powerful Craigslist posting Tool options that can turbo-charge your Craigslist advertising giving you a superior advantage over other dealers.  Now you can easily post your inventory to Craigslist, spend less time, look professional and get MORE RESULTS!

Craigslist Auto Poster - Automated Craigslist Posting Tool For Car Dealers, Motorcycle, Powersport, Commercial Truck, Trailer & RV Dealers

Searching for an Automated Craigslist Posting Tool that works with the new Craigslist ban on .img ads?
Imagine pushing One button to start our Craigslist Auto Poster which will;
  • Place your Craigslist ad in the proper category,
  • Upload the maximum number of pictures of your vehicle to Craigslist,
  • Complete the Craigslist map to direct shoppers to your dealership, and,
  • Build a Professionally Designed Ad (Your Choice of layout) including a link back to your website/ VSLP- Vehicle Specific Landing Page to bring the customer to your website and/or more information about that specific vehicle.
Oh, did we forget to tell you that our Automated Craigslist Posting Tool will automatically add your dealership logo / Banner or your choice of Photo Overlay to the lead Craigslist picture helping to increase brand awareness & help your ads stand out from your competitors.

AND.... Our Automated Craigslist Posting Tool will continue to work until it is done posting your inventory to Craigslist.

You can even walk away from your computer!

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Fully Compliant Posting Tool For Craigslist

Searching for a Craigslist Posting Tool that exploits the advantages of posting ads that are fully compliant with the most recent Craigslist changes?  Would you like to work more efficiently, and get more customers to contact/visit your dealership? If the answers are YES then read on.....

With the push of a single button, you can upload the maximum number of pictures to Craigslist, complete the Craigslist map and build a fully compliant text Ad including a link back to your website.

Oh, did we fail to mention that your dealership logo or Ad banner was also added to the lead picture to increase your dealerships brand visibility and make your ads stand out from the competition to help you get more Results.

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