The Power Of Keywords, Pictures, Presentation and Eyeballs

by Mitch on November 11th, 2011

I keep reminding the customers most of whom are auto dealers, that I come into contact with about improving their fundementals to get better results.

I would like to share these two quick stories;

The first happend just yesterday, After getting a deal on a new bed ( my wife was getting tired of the one we had), which did Not include setup & removal. (My trash removal company told me they would take it away for $50.) I took it upon myself to market the used queen size bed and matching box spring in order to get it to a new home as quickly as possible. I took Pictures of the bed, now in the hallway, on my cell phone and uploaded them to an ad which I had created on craigslist. Oh yes I also put in the ad the story about the bed and a couple of key words which I will share in a moment. I did not want any calls so I told peple to email for directions and pickup time. In less than 8 minutes I had my First email!. That email gave me their name, their cell phone number and their email address! I called them back wthin 2 minutes of getting the email, and found out that the had just been relocated voluntarily to the east from Colorado, with nothing more than the belongings they could fit into a Toyota Prius. And, that they were currently driving in a borrowed truck to get some things for their new apartment. I gave them the address which they promptly loaded into google maps since they did not know the area. They arrived within 20 minutes to pick up their new bed! Within an hour it was Gone! Within that same hour I had 7 other emails which I later responded to, telling each them that it was already gone! What keywords did I use - Ready For "Immediate" Pickup, the location city and "FREE"! Knowing what I know - It would most likely still be in my hallway if I didnt use the Right Keywords, Provide Quality Pictures, along with a story (presentration) about the item and put the ad in a place with plenty of eyeballs!

The second story is very similar to the first but it is automotive and is the first experience one of our best customers had. Just after getting the system set up and the inventory data finally sent over from, the General Manager of the Subaru dealership told me that he had a $20k+ aged unit that really needed to be in somebody elses driveway! The price was reduced for the ad to craigslist and was left the same on the dealers website. The keywords at the top of the ad were " Price Reduced $XXXX for Immediate Sale Today". The reason for the reduction in price was added to the story about the vehicle and that the vehicle was MFG certified. The very next day the vehicle was sold - still at a profit and delivered the following day. The buyer left emails thru both the dealers website and the craigslist ad and also left a voice message. The following month 23 of 32 used car sales in the dealership came as the result of the system. Fast Forward One year and that General Manager is now personally one of our customers. There is much more to the story.... Click here

Again - Keywords, Pictures, Presentation (story) and Eyeballs.

Speaking of Eyeballs - Many dealers don't realize that Craigslist is the 10th most trafficed website in the US and 38th around the World according to Alexa. Click here for more information

Craigslist Demographics - One Internet manager that we were put in contact with, point blank told us that he didn't like dealing with the customers that shopped on craigslist. Click here for Craigslist Site Demographics. We guess that he wasn't responsible for selling used vehicles!

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