Craigslist Going MainStream....

by Mitch on October 12th, 2011

During a recent digital conference, I was fortunate to attend a presentation that was hosted by the Ford Digital Team, Ford Direct and Google. The presentation was most informative, but it was the discussion after the presentations had ended that is the topic of my post today.
I had the opportunity to join in a conversation between two ford digital field representatives discussing the merits of having their dealers post thier used and wholesale vehicles on craigslist! Both of these gentlemen when asked about why they would recommend posting vehicles on craigslist, both responded that they were already working with dealers that were having success with marketing on craigslist. And if it work for some of their dealers why would they not recommend it to others! The conversation quickly moved on to other subjects...I was amazed! Craigslist going mainstream.... who would of thought!

I did fail to mention that the topic of the presentation was" Discussing the best products both free and paid for Ford/Lincoln dealers along with the online dealer landscape."

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