Automated Craigslist Posting Tools

Introducing KICK-ADS Automated Tools for Craigslist

Kick-Ads Automated Tools for Craigslist includes Quick Post Plus - a "One" Click Craigslist automated Craigslist posting tool for getting your entire inventory onto Craigslist that works with the new Craigslist ban on .img ads! "You can push the button and walk away from your computer"

For getting your inventory ads back onto the first page to keep the phone ringing there is - Quick Renew Plus - a "One" Click automated Craigslist ad renew tool!

Kick-Ads Automated Tools for Craigslist allows you to create professionally designed Text & HTML Ads with links to landing pages or your dealerships website. Many ad templates to choose from! Want your banner added to the default picture? Yup, Kick-Ads Tools for Craigslist can do that too! Want a professionally designed Picture ad built for you with your choice of "Call to Action"? YES Kick-Ads Tools for Craigslist does that Too. Did we mention that it also will Automatically put that Picture Ad into the 1st Craigslist Uploaded Picture automatically and also upload the maximum number of Craigslist pictures automatically. Oh, One last thing, Want that map included with your Craigslist ads so customers can find you? Done Automatically!

Kick-Ads Automated Tools for Craigslist helps you to Create and Manage Fully Compliant Craigslist Ads!

BENEFITS of Posting FULLY COMPLIANT ADS to Craigslist;

  • Minimize Ghosting Issues
  • Minimize Flagging Problems
  • More Craigslist shoppers see your professionally designed ads - Giving you more opportunities to ...
  • Get More leads from Craigslist, and
  • Sell more Cars!

"The best ads are the ones that shoppers can See"


Just wait to See how fast and easy it is to Use KICK-ADS Automated Craigslist Posting Tools to post a vehicle ad to craigslist with maximum craigslist pictures, map data and Banner Overlay!

CURRENT LIST OF FEATURES of KICK-ADS Automated Craigslist Posting Tools

  • Single Click Ad Posting
  • Uploads the maximum number of photos allowed directly to craiglist
  • Creates Fully Compliant Text only Craigslist Ads - No Graphical Ad template to increase potential for ad loss due to flagging & Ghosting. Several Professionally Designed Craigslist Compliant Ad templates to choose from.
  • Uploads Craigslist Map Data Information
  • Places Dealer Banner/Photo Overlay on Default Picture to help dealer branding of ads
  • Several Professionally Designed Banner/Picture Overlays to Choose From
  • Optional "Call to Action" Ad creation & inserted for First Uploaded Craigslist Picture.
  • Links on Craigslist ads to direct viewers to dealers website / Landing page
  • Video on landing pages for maximum stickiness & edu-tain potential buyers (Optional)

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"KICK-ADS Automated Craigslist Posting Tools will make anyone trying to post thier inventory to craigslist purr with excitement over how fast & easy it is to post professional designed ads to craigslist"

Tony from Philadelphia PA

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"With Kick-Ads I never miss a sales lead. Even when I am out on the lot with a customer and dont pick up. I get an SMS message sent to my cell phone within seconds letting me know that someone just called or sent me an email so that I can get back to them immediately .... before they forget why they called"

Ray, Dealer Columbus OH