Advertising & Classified Posting Services

"If there is a Craigslist category for your inventory, we have an advertising solution to fit your needs..."

 We have a couple of different "Hands-Free" Managed Advertising & Posting Services available to choose from....

Kick-Ads for Craigslist Posting Service

Introducing Kick-Ads for Craigslist, - Affordable, Effective Advertising Service for Small Business!
Most Versatile Service we offer.....

IProSell Auto - Craigslist Auto Posting Service

IProSell Auto is our original Posting Service. It is a Low Cost, "Turn Key", Managed Internet Advertising Solution that automatically advertises a dealers inventory to Craigslist and other Classified websites. IProSell Auto can be customized to meet the demands of a car dealer, Motorcycle, Marine or RV dealer  regardless of size and location. It provides all the benefits of the Kick-Ads System with active management by IProSell Inventory Marketing Professionals. We offer Several Package Options, based upon the size of the dealer, and the number of times a day a dealer needs his inventory published. All packages include our inventory distribution network and customized ad templates.

Kick-Ads100 for Auto Dealers

Kick-Ads100 for Auto Dealers is one of the most comprehensive Auto Posting Services available for advertising used Vehicles.  Kick-Ads100 means 100 Percent of your inventory advertised at the top of Craigslist each Day plus up to 100 other Highly trafficked Automotive Classified websites!
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Kick-Ads Tools - Software as a Service

Introducing Kick-Ads Tools
Manage your own Classified marketing program with Kick-Ads Tools. Our State-of-the-Art tools are specifically designed to work with following types of inventory; Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, RV's Marine/Boats, Commercial Trucks, ATV's Scooters, Watercraft, Aircraft, Buses, Planes & Trains. Essentially anything that has a motor, goes somewhere and people are shopping for!
Kick-Ads Tools ARE NOT JUST FOR DEALERS! They are affordable enough that sales people across North America utilize Kick-Ads Tools to prospect for new customers, work more effectively and make more money! Because Kick-Ads Tools is a month to month Service, there is no long term commitment!

Mr Dealer / Sales person do you need to get more customers in your door to buy your vehicles without spending a wheelbarrow full of money?
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Kick-Ads Basic Tools

Searching for Fully Compliant Craiglist Posting Tools? Ones that works today, with the latest changes, and will work tomarrow? Would you like a robust set of management tools to help you work more effeciently, and help get more customers to contact/visit your dealership? If the answers are YES then click on the "Learn More" button below.....

Kick-Ads Automated Tools for Craigslist

Searching for Automated Craiglist Posting & Management Tools that work with the new craigslist ban on .img ads?

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Kick-Ads Complete

The Perfect Hands On Solution for a used car dealer, Motorcycle Dealer, Powersports Dealership, Boat Dealer,  or Internet Sales Manager for online inventory management and an integrated internet inventory advertising solution with very responsive customer support by people with real selling experience.

Looking for a Summary of our Craigslist Auto Posting Tools, Software & Services 

Advertising in low cost classified websites should be an integral part of every dealers internet advertising strategy.

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